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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

My name is Miranda Mandel, I am twenty-years old born and raised in Colorado Springs Colorado. I am the daughter of Sean and Lisa Mandel and younger sister of Mario Mandel. My family has always been very tight knit and we support each other in everything we do. My mom has been my biggest inspiration in my life and has motivated me to chase my dreams.

Currently, I am a third year at Colorado State University with a major in Journalism and Media Communications and a minor in Apparel Merchandising. Colorado State has one of the most honored Apparel Merchandising programs in the country, this helped me choose this amazing university. Since a young age I have always been a fashionista and wanted my future career to have something to do with clothes. However, I quickly realized I would be much better at writing about fashion rather than designing it. This is where my major of Journalism Media Communications plays a critical role.

The combination of my major and minor has allowed me to learn about exactly what I want to do and who I want to be. My hobbies include exercising, hiking, reading and of course shopping. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Selah Mountain Ranch and help bring their vision to life!

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