Daily Devotional: Reinvigorate your weary soul in a world that offers only sinking sand on God's solid rock today.

Psalm 139:14 Life, a precious gift of God.

Special Puppy Edition

Puppy life...sleep,eat,sleep,eat and eat some more. No pandemic, no world stress. Awww, just contentment. We can have the same stressless contentment if we choose God's peace. We are to cast aside worry and fear. We are to keep our eyes firmly on Him. He will and has never, No not once forgotten us. We can rest today under his wings of saftey. No pestilence, food shortage, fires, fraudulent elections or truck strike can shake our great God. He is, was and is to come. We are His and nothing can seperate us. Don't worry about tomorrow. God's got this.

What we can do? Simple!

Pray as the united body of Christ. As one church, we can rise up and storm heaven with our prayers for justice and peace. Remember,

2Chronicles7:14(paraphrased): If my people, who are called by my name, will turn from their wickedness, seek my face ask forgiveness and pray, I WILL hear from heaven and heal the land. Jesus is a God of peace and order with grace and mercy. His mercy's are new everyday.

Pray this prayer with me today:

Jesus, Holy and Chosen One, the great God of America,

you are the God of All. You know your people are worried and dismayed. God fall today as the prince of peace, you are the God of hope and for a good future. Jesus, allow goodness and mercy to fall anew this day and the days to come. Allow us to be strong and stand in the faith. Jesus you are not suprised by the events in America and around the world. God you are steady and unmoved by the chaos of the world. Allow us to stand with you and not run ahead in fear. Your answer to your people is Yes and Amen!

We, your people humbly ask forgiveness for the sins of our nation, our personal transgressions and those things you detest. We come united as your bride and ask for mercy today God. We ask for blessings to fall on your people, your remnant today. This very day we ask for peace to flow through us, so much God that those around will ask what is different about us. Bring your harvest God. Bring those who have your name written on their hearts and aren't even aware yet. Open their eyes, open their ears and allow their hearts and minds accept your free gift of peace and salvation. God you are the lover of our souls. Protect your church God. Protect us Jesus. Be with us. Stand next to us God! We are yours and you will never leave or forsake us. This is the day YOU have made Jesus, and our choice is to be glad in it. You are for our good not destruction and we as your people are blessed not cursed. Amen and Amen!

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