Daily Devotional: Reinvigorate a weary soul in a world that offers only sinking sand on Gods solid rock today.

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Epheshians 5:27 and to present her (the church) to himself (Christ) as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

Christ is coming back for his love, the church. We are to be holy and blameless waiting expectantly, our lamps filled with oil. Unfortunately we have allowed the enemy to dirty up His beautiful bride. Many have gone to sleep. Some have given up waiting and moved on to another. Oh, but for those of us who have heard His hearts song, we watch and look because we know what awaits us is glorious. If your wedding garment is dirty or wrinkled, go wash it clean in His redemptive power. Ask forgiveness today, turn from unbelief and walk in freedom! We are not perfect but in Him we are blameless because He has covered all sin. Jesus is the way, the only way. Come home to the One who is waiting for you to trim your wick (get rid of the old), fill your lamp with oil and put on your new wedding clothes;

Matthew 25: 1-13. Time is short. Don't be left outside; once the door to the wedding feast is shut no one is allowed in. I sat in awe as I watched the movie, "Before the wrath". You can stream it on Amazon Prime. What a beautiful

re-enactment of the wedding feast in Christ's day. The significance of the wedding cup. At the betrothal, the bride is presented the cup, it's her choice to take and drink. She can reject it or she can take the cup from the groom to be. If she accepts, she sips from it, she then hands the cup to the groom who then also sips. The groom to be then proclaims outloud to all who are watching the covenant is sealed. He won't drink from the cup again until he is at the wedding feast with his bride in his father's house. I cried like a baby! The holy spirit showed me the importance of this sign. Jesus is waiting with excitement for his bride to come home. He went to prepare a place for us. His father's house has many rooms and we each have one. At His table is seat, a place for you, your name is on the plate. No matter where you sit you can see the bridegroom. He hasn't sipped from that cup again himself. He is waiting for us. There isn't a bad seat in the whole wedding hall. We aren't just guests... We are the bride!

Come to the one who loves you completely. JESUS is calling to His bride! Answer the call.




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