Daily Devotional: Day 24

Civil Unrest

Oregon and Pennsylvania

Acts 16: 37 Paul said to the officers, "They beat us publicly and without trial, even though we are Roman citizens and they threw us into prison, And now do they want to get rid of us quietly? NO! Let them come themselves and escort us out".

Kevin is four and has one volume, loud. In toddler fashion he goes from happy to angry in a flash, sometimes without warning. He can go from sweet and inquisitive to down right mean and uncaring in a split second. If his young brain perceives a wrong done against him, well watch out!

Last night I again watched in horror as another city is under siege. Two police officers shot, fires, riots and looting. What on earth has happened to the United States? These are adults who think they can throw an adult sized temper tantrum, cause mayhem and some how will get there way. We are Americans. We are a country of many colors, ideas and cultures. That's what made us so great! America, the home of the free and brave. I am grieved in my heart, as I am sure so many are of what is happening right in front of our eyes.

Mayhem, lawlessness, brother against brother, hate, fear, illness; all were told to look for these signs as Christ will come soon (Matt 24).

What are we to do? We the church already have the answer! We are to pray for each other. We are to stand united, with feet firmly planted on God's perfect word. We are to put on the full armour as told in Epheshians 6:10-18 daily; as our fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities. The enemy has been released to cause many to fall away, But GOD! He will use it to bring in his great harvest. No one will be left unknowing where they stand in Gods kingdom. You are either for Him or not!

No more lukewarm.

We are either wheat or tare. This is the time to stand tall and firm on God's mighty word; with confidence, knowing full well He knew these things were going to happen and will always take care of His own.

Pray church Pray! Amen.

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