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Esther 1:1-3 parphrased; Now it came to pass in the days of Ahasuerus, (reigned from India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces). During the 3rd year of his reign he gave a banquet for all the nobles, royal official's and military leaders in all the land.

Purium: February 25-27 2021

Part 1 of 3.

We will start going through the book of Esther this month and study the feast of Purium. This feast is not part of the Leviticus 7 feasts the Israelites were told to keep holy but it is still observed.

* I have tried to post this blog for a week and have been met with multiple challenges. The biggest challenge; I was unable to see what I typed, making it impossible to edit. I'm going to try anyway, here we go!

The story of Esther stands alone as a story that does not mention God by name but His providence is all over it. This unauthored tale took place during the reign of the son of Darius the great in 486 BC to 465BC. Esther, an orphan, taken in and raised by her older cousin Mordecai. A Jewish leader whose family stayed behind in Persia after many Jews returned home to Jerusalem from captivity. Her given Hebrew name was Hadassah, in Greek Esther, means myrtle or star. She was beautiful in form and feature, in other words beautiful inside and out!

The set up:

After 180 days of showing his vast wealth the king holds a 7 day large banquet for all the wealthy and nobilit. The servants were are told to pour wine without stopping. Queen Vashti also held a banquet for all the noble women. On the 7th day, the king full of spirits; aka drunk, ordered his wife Queen Vashti to present herself in all her beauty before his friends. She refuses. The King burns with anger and Queen Vashti is no more! After the king got over his anger he was lonely. The "wise" men of the court present the idea of a beauty contest and to bring all the beautiful virgins into the court and the king can choose a new Queen.

What is the number 1 take away from chapter 1: WE shouldn't be #1 in our own eyes! God should always be who WE see and show off. To God be the Glory, not be the glory to ourselves. Showing off will always cause a fall... right onto our faces!! Jesus show yourself as the only ONE we brag about!! Jesus let us show

YOU in all we do! As John the Baptist said, " HE MUST INCREASE and I must decrease", John 3:30


The story unauthorized

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