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Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD Almighty, the people He chose for His inheritance.

As we enter the MOST pivotal time in recent American history we are asking each of you to partner from your homes with us at Selah Mountain Ranch in a 40 day fast and prayer for our nation and a great Godly harvest to explode. This is for America and God's harvest. This isn't about right or left but red, His blood, white His washing anew and Blue His purity of spirit and hearts; For a Godly revival, to bring God back to America and see His people saved. To put God back on His holy throne and in our homes, hearts, churches, schools and government. We will begin December 31st and continue through February 8th. Satan will really ramp up his ungodly movement during the most intense 2 weeks of January 6th to January 20th. Daily I will post a scripture and encouraging word to cheer us on. A fast is giving up food or anything in the flesh that God calls you to give up and turn your full attention on Him.

Bill Bright calls fasting and prayer "An atomic bomb that the Lord gives us to use to break the strongholds the evil one has placed before us and to usher in a great revival and spiritual harvest around the world".

We are seeking God for the last great harvest the world has ever seen. I have heard many prophet's speak of a billion person revival and harvest. Speak outloud, "Revial God, Harvest Jesus" and claim it for those who have Jesus written on their hearts. Those whose names are written in the book of life and don't even know it yet. We pray they turn from their wicked ways, seek God, repent and humble themselves, so our land can be healed; 2 Chronicles 7:14. We pray and ask for those who have been lukewarm to become a burning flame nothing can extinguish. Our time on earth is growing short, no matter what it be, God is coming soon.

We ask as you pray, please include these three items:

1. God give America it's fully Godly destiny. That we as His people accomplish what He has asked of us and evangelize His word to a cold weary world.

2. Holy Spirit bring God devine appointmens to us personally. That our hearts are so full of God we can't contain it. That we share Jesus beyond our own wisdom. God drop holy wisdom and knowledge into our head and out our mouth's and we prophecy Jesus.

3. Put God's full armor on every morning; Epheshians 6:10-18. That the arrows of the enemy can not penetrate and we are divinely protected. Also Psalm 91 so no pestilence or harm come to us or our homes. These are the holy protection God provides His people.

His word is alive and will NOT return void! Amen and Amen

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