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Beyond the white picket fence Dirty Secrets part: 3 graphic details included: reader beware

Beyond the white picket fence

Dirty Secrets part: 3

Some graphic details included: reader beware

The sexual abuse started at age six, the grooming started earlier. Grooming from Webster’s dictionary is; the act of brushing or cleaning the coat of an animal, the practice of keeping neat and tidy. I was shocked to read the sexual definition as well, the action by a pedophile in preparing a victim with intention of committing a sexual offense.

She was her nana, the person who should delight, mentor and protect her. Lydia was placed in her custody when her biological parents were incarcerated. Nana was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, was close to Lydia since birth but the grooming and incestuous relationship began at about four years of age. Lydia, now in her own retelling knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put words to it. At almost seven, nana began to take her into her bed and bathtub. Lydia was unable to resist, forced endure and unable to tell anyone of the perversion, because her siblings living situation depended on nana’s home. This diabolical grandma would get drunk, high and preform vile acts on this child. Finally in summer 2018, the police were called to the home by a concerned neighbor who witnessed the physical abuse her siblings endured. Child Protective services were called and the children placed immediately in protective custody. Lydia, now safe, mustered all the courage a small child can and disclosed the atrocities perpetrated on her by her grandmother.

Lydia, was escorted to court by the group, Bikers Against Child Abuse, BACA. With tears streaming down her face she bravely spoke of the acts of perversion she was victim too, while her abuser was sitting across the courtroom. The guilt and shame Lydia suffers is like being tied to an anvil and thrown into the sea, left to drown. The nightmares cause night terrors and embarrassing bed wetting.

No child or person should bear such a load.

A post note: nana hasn’t had her trial yet. Postponed for another month. Unfortunately this is how it goes with court. Grandma is free on bond.

Next week, different therapy’s and the success shown in the recovery from abuse, shame and PTSD.

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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