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Beyond the white picket fence 


“Monday’s childe is fair of face. Tuesdays child is full of grace. Wednesday child is full of woe. Thursday child has far to go. Fridays child is loving and giving. Saturdays child works hard for a living, But the child born on Sunday is good and happy,“ ( unknown author)

Fair of face children are lovely and Selah Mountains Monday's children are beautiful.

Kevin Dale Nuss adopted 7/22/2018

"The placement will only be a couple weeks tops", said the intake caseworker I spoke with that early September morning. Ok, I thought, Dale and I are capable of taking care of a baby for a couple weeks. I mean we are in our 50s and grandparents, but surely we remember how to care for a baby, right? I posted a frantic call out to my Facebook friends for baby items and 3 years ago, this handsome, chubby cherub toddled into our home and our hearts. Kevin is now almost 4 with a twinkle of mischief in his smiling eyes. He is 100% boy and loves to go out with his dad and search our property he calls the "jungle" for any wildlife he can find. He can be a naughty little guy who keeps us on our toes. When it became evident that a couple weeks was going to be permanent, Dale and I really searched our souls if we could take on a child so young at our age. When we came to the unanimous conclusion this little guy was meant for our family we never looked back. We cant imagine our lives without him. Yes, we will be close to 70 when he graduates high school; yes we may look like his grandparents, yes we are asked by others if we ARE his grandparents, but he is our SON. Kevin you are our Monday's childe

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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