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Beyond the white picket fence 

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The New Normal Part 2

As I write this, I see an alert come over my phone “Mass shooting in Odessa, Texas."


This is the second shooting in Texas this month!

What is going on? Can the why be identified ?

The first mass shooting of modern times was in San Ysidro, California, July 1984, at a fast food restaurant where forty people were shot by James Huberty, who was killed by a police sniper during the rampage. The next was two years later when postal worker Patrick Sherill in Edmond, Oklahoma shot twenty before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. After this, the time line is filled with several mass shootings a year, with 2019 at 255 as of August 5th. This puts the US on pace to suffer one mass shooting a day. In looking at the research, “the ” is difficult to isolate. The majority of mass shooters do share some commonality: most are white males, display misplaced anger and resentment, narcissism, desire for infamy, follow a hate ideology and have access to guns. What I found even more interesting was the factors that aren't common: violent video games, copy cats, trauma, domestic violence, or mental illness (having an unhealthy mind does not mean a person is mentally ill). Several media outlets posted their theories and commentary on “the why” this weekend in the wake of this latest mass shooting (Saturday, August 31) in Odessa, Texas. The only thing they agreed on was that something has to be done, but what? The Democrats gained an unlikely ally in President Trump. He and several politicians from the right to the left back “the red flag law.” This gun control law allows police or family members to petition the state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. As of August 2019 only 17 states have adopted this law. Governor Polis signed Colorado's red flag bill into law on April 12, 2019, and the local courts will have the power of this law on January 1,2020. All sides need to put away personal agendas to come to a real solution. No one political opinion should be touted over another(that’s why nothing gets done). We need to join the discussion and be part of the solution. I do think we are fighting a loosing battle because this is an evil battle bred from depravity. It's not a gun, (that's just an object) it's a heart and mind issue. Hate breeds Hate.

Will this new law thwart the epidemic of mass killings? Will Congress be able to work together for the common goal of stopping mass shootings?

Can we as a praying people stand up united and say Enough!

Could we call for community town halls and adapt saftey plans that include

the hastag #Not on my watch !!

It's a Start-

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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