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Beyond the white picket fence 

Men of Courage

Teen edition

1:50:50. They miss the actually catch! Maddaxx says it should be in Hudl from a days different view.

Maddaxx Howard,16 junior @ FHS

Maddaxx Howard #1 played an amazing game last night. In the 3rd quarter he made a catch I'm still amazed at!! Maddaxx 16 is a junior at FHS and the son of my oldest daughter Christa Jordan . He has welcomed 5 adopted siblings into his home and has 1 bio- brother in the 6th grade. Maxdaxx has shown exemplary support and love on all the new siblings. He has demonstrated how important the sibiling relationship is in the positive fostering to adoption process. The support of sibilings and extended family is crucial in successful foster and adoption placements ( the ramifications on the foster bio-family is often over looked). The children placed by the system are needy, traumatized and display difficult behaviors. The sibilings are sometimes the targets of these behaviors. Maddaxx is a natural leader and has welcomed each child with excitement and acceptance. I am proud to call this young man grandson.

Christa is a placement supervisor for a child placement agency and consults for us at Selah Mountain ranch on all things foster and adoption. Please enjoy!!

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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