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Beyond the white picket fence

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,” who can I send, who will go for us and I answered, Here I am Lord, send me”

Men of Courage

Uganda 2009

June 2009 I boarded a plane for the long flight to Africa. I had been to other countries but never on a missions trip. I was excited and nervous but determined to serve the children at New Hope Uganda orphanage. I went wide eyed and willing. After 2 weeks I came back with a whole new respect for anyone called to full time missions... Jay Dangers and Arthur Green each have dedicated their lives to father the fatherless in different parts of Africa. Jay and the Dangers family moved and brought 10 fatherless children to care for after the Ugandan civil war in 1988. New Hope has directly cared for thousands of orphaned children. This ministry has grown into several orphanages, baby houses, disabled child homes all with churches, medical services and schools on sites. Please check out for more of the Dangers story and how you can sponsor a child at New Hooe. Arthur Green opened a small school for children in his home country of Ghana. Greenland Academy opened 2011 and had very humble beginnings as there was no actual structure for the school. I’m not even sure how Arthur found our family but I believe it was through an online ministry my parents are involved in. Well Arthur is tenacious, he sought out all our social media friends and through an incredible gift his school is thriving, has a structure, and these children are incredibly blessed. Please follow Arthur Green and Greenland Academy on Facebook and see the amazing work he is accomplishing with God on his side.

Kim Nuss~

Men of Courage where are you? Step up and step into lives Make a difference

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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