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Beyond the white picket fence 

Updated: Aug 16, 2019


Diane Derby

Home Local Article Local thrift store gives families free shopping spree By Dianne Derby

| Posted: Wed 2:17 PM, Aug 14, 2019

FLORENCE, Colo. (KKTV) - For a couple days this month, Kim Nuss let some families in need go on a school clothing shopping spree in her thrift store in downtown Florence for free. "To qualify, they just needed to be foster care or homeless or on free lunch," Nuss said. "It didn't matter their ages. If they had siblings, they were invited as well." "It's a huge help, huge help, it's a blessing," said one mom. "They can get shoes and socks and underwear and two outfits of clothes, and it's all free." "It's a fresh start," said one teenager. Nuss brought in teen volunteers from Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs to help the kids choose outfits for back to school. Student Kaya Dyar said she loved working with one of the younger children. "She was super sweet, and she just said she loved pink, so we are finding her shirts that she really liked," Kaya said. "We are finding, like, jeans and stuff that could go with it, and she found a super cute pair of shoes that we all really liked." Owners Kim and Dale Nuss say it's a way to make sure these families have a chance to help their children succeed. "We are here in the community to make a difference and this is how you make a difference," said Kim Nuss. "My husband and I like to joke that we moved to Mayberry, but it is a really tight-knit community and everybody helps everyone out." Selah Mountain Thrift Store in downtown Florence is open Thursday through Sunday from 10-5. The non-profit takes tax-deductible donations of gently used clothing and household items. For more information click here:

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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