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Beyond the white picket fence 

Updated: Aug 26, 2019



Izaiah "Z" age 14

**These stories are written by the children with only sentence structure changed. The words, stories and themes are their own.***

When I was about two, I was put in foster care for some time. Later I was put back in my real home. During that time my bio-mother was doing drugs and abusing alcohol. I was abused and neglected of a good mother. My three brothers and I all experienced the same abuse. After some time (I have forgotten how long) my siblings and I were taken away from her and put in foster care again. This time we were separated and not together in the same foster home. I had been in 12 foster homes before I was adopted. I was not an easy kid, I was angry and didn't do good in school. At my 11th foster home I tried to hurt myself. I had to go to the hospital for two weeks and those foster parents didn't want me anymore. I was going to be put in a residential home. It's like juvenile detention without doing anything bad. My foster care home supervisor said she'd take me to her home to live with her family. I was rescued that day. How can I ever thank someone for taking me out of foster care? I was adopted by Christa and Josh in October 2017. They are my real parents. I'm a high school freshman this fall.

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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