Beyond the white picket fence 

New addition to the "pack"


Wednesday we chose the newest addition to the pack.

"Selah" is a female goldendor (golden retriever and labradoodle), 11 weeks old who was brought to the ranch to be trained as a therapy dog for foster children suffering PTSD and trauma.

She and the 8 month old "scout"

have true purpose.

"Scout @ 4months"

What I find fascinating about dogs is they are unusually excepting of a new pack member. Selah came home and all the dogs greeted her. Pack leader, Roscoe sniffed her, let out a "umph" sound... part grrr, part ugh and moved on. She was welcome.

Why do we as humans make joining anything so hard.

Seriously, to fit in a new group or commitment can be so difficult.

Do I make enough money? Do I look right? What is expected? Is the commitment to long, hard or too much effort.

I can't tell you how many times a week I hear, " I could never do what you do". This morning my partner and husband of 37 years sat and made a list of all our responsibilities...we are at 44 and counting. No wonder in all the interviews I look exhausted...LOL

A dogs life is so simple. We humans like to or maybe not, but still do, create chaos and busyness to clutter our lives.

Dogs have it so right! Chill, wait to be petted and loved, lay on the couch, bark every now and then and eat.

We were not created for the ridiculous craziness so many of us are tied to. Psalm 39:6, says "surely a man goes about as a shadow! Surely for nothing they are in turmoil; man heaps up wrath and does not know who will gather". This sums up that we are just moving shadows, busy rushing around for an end in nothing. Why?? Because the world tells us this is what is important. I can tell you it is not. This just leads us to chasing our tails; with an inability to make a difference and actually be effective in this hurting, hungry world.

Busyness by itself isn't wrong but it needs intention. Pray that God will guard you from pointless busyness and you will live by busyness with a purpose. Today I give you permission to rest on the porch or lie on the coach. Just be and pray Jesus leads you in the same intentional gentleness he lived by. That's truly what we are really created for and always ends in sonething!!

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