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Beyond the white picket fence...

Men of Courage edition

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith, be courageou; be strong

Saturdays editions will be for men, written on issues facing families today.

In 2017 the US census data showed 1 in 4 homes is without a father. The US judicial statistics state 1 in 3 children is without a father. The mounting research on tells of the “father factor”; data pointing to without a father in the child's home they are more likely to be involved in risky behaviors, ie...abuse drugs, commit a crime, drop out of school or become pregnant in their teens. Two parent households are on the decline and 1 in 25 men say they are parenting children who are not biologically theirs. Selah Mountain Ranch posted a series on Men of Courage during the month of June. We highlighted men, not all fathers who have stepped up for children and are making a difference for this generation; as well as global issues. This series was so well received we decided to make it a permanent part of our blogging line up. Dale Nuss, my husband of 36 years, father and foster dad to our 13 plus children will be posting this weekly series.

Dale served in the US army 8 years as a military policeman and 25 years as an El Paso county deputy sheriff in Colorado Springs. He retired 4 years ago; worked at Mountain Springs Church as the out - reach coordinator, then a little less then a year ago left to begin Selah Mountain Ranch ministries. He has traveled the globe on many missions, seen first hand the global issues plaguing this planet giving him the unique

objectivity to speak on fractious issues. His heart is to rally men to stand up as God intended and lead families toward restoration and healing. Men of Courage, Where are you? Stand up; step in to and make a difference for this generation because our children’s lives depend on it.

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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