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Beyond the white picket fence

Beyond the white picket fence

Men of courage

WHERE ARE THE MEN? It's an uncomfortable subject but statistics dont lie. Boys from a fatherless homes are twice as likely to end up incarcerated, 85 percent exhibit violent behavior and behavior disorders. The numbers continue to stack up, 75 percent of rapists are motivated by miss placed anger, 71 percent of boys drop out of high school and 63 percent commit suicide. The numbers are growing yearly. MEN of Courage, God is calling you to stand up for your family. In 2017 the US census data showed 1 in 4 homes is without a father. The US judicial statistics state 1 in 3 children is without a father. The mounting research on tells of the “father factor”; data shows without a father in the child's home they are four times more likely to live in poverty and two times as likely to commit violence with a gun. Fox news 2019 reports the majority of boys who committed mass school shootings are from fatherless homes. Two parent households are on the decline and 1 in 25 men say they are parenting children who are not biologically theirs. Selah Mountain Ranch posted a series on Men of Courage during the month of June. We highlighted men, not all fathers who have stepped up for children and are making a difference for this generation. Men need to step back in and make a difference. Men get involved in a child's life, make a difference. The next generation depends on it.

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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