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Beyond the white picket fence 

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Terrific Thrifty Thursday

6.00 plus tax

shipping extra

Will deliever to s Colorado springs

Pick up at Lotus salon and spa

202 e Cheyenne mtn blvd 80906


Goodwill, Arc, Salvation Army...

ALL Thrift Stores SMELL

When we were thinking of opening our thift store we conducted a random survey of what were the top five things you disliked about thrift shopping. We polled over 300 people and the unanimous answer was, "The smell"

We at Selah Mountain thrift store sought out a product to make sure our store didn't smell. Nor did we want to cover the smell either with perfumes or deodorizers.

We found ODOR OUT!!

This product is affordable and works on any organic smell or stain. Safe to use on and around humans and pets. You can use it in a carpet cleaner, fogger, or squirt bottle. Spray or fog clothes, bedding (even pet bedding), carpet and upholstery. The initial smell is pleasant and gone very quickly. In an instant no more stink!

SELAH MOUNTAIN THRIFT STORE has the exclusive to sell online and in the thrift store.

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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