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Beyond the white picket fence

Thrifty Thursday

Its August 1 and school for everyone is around the corner. I’m so excited that my kids go back to school in just 12 days and yes I’m counting!! Actually the kids are excited too, (at least the first week they will be) while they are excited I love to have them clean out their closets and dressers. It’s a great activity to see how much they have grown over the summer.

I shop at Selah Mountain thrift store,

100 E. Main Street, Florence Colorado for fun like new clothes and shoes. When you shop thrifty your community always benefits with charity programs and new created jobs for those who need one.

Next week, August 8 Selah Mountain thrift store is having a back to school event. Children in foster care, homeless or on free lunch can get two like new outfits and a pair of shoes to start school with. If you are local and need help with school clothes fornyour kids please contact me.

Don't forget to take all your unwanted items to the local thrift store. It pays to shop thrifty!!

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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