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Beyond the white picket fence

Monday’s Childe


My girl RUNS into the water and laughs at each wave.

Reminds me of my favorite verse I hang in the girls room

Proverbs 31:25

“She is Clothed in Strength and Dignity and She Laughs Without Fear of The Future”*

by Ann Marie*

Bella Grace Britt adopted May 2019

This little beauty was neglected by mom and physically abused by biological moms boyfriend. She was taken to the hospital and treated while mom and boyfriend were arrested; She was only 4 months old! Her foster mom who became her MOM in May of this year had custody of this little ones sister and she was adopted the same day. The Department of Human Services was aware of the problems bio-mom had in keeping Bella fed and safe yet they didn’t remove her until she was violently stuck by the monster her former mom let into their motel room home. When babies are involved it is harder to document abuse unless it’s this violent and a neighbor or someone reports because the children can’t speak. Often siblings will tell someone but in this case Bella was alone with bio mom and her boyfriend. Thank goodness a concerned neighbor called in the tip that day. Ann Marie did what she could to keep the DHS up to speed on the baby’s well being, but as a foster parent you aren’t allowed to get too involved with bio family who have children not in the system. This happens more often then you think because “bios“ have another child after siblings are taken into custody, as was in Bellas case.

Ann -Marie was a single, hard working mom of 1 and now of 3. She is an inspiration to any who say, “I could never”,

Well she stood up and said “I will!!”

I am so incredibly proud to call her my “sister” and dearest friend. Ann Marie is Selah Mountain Ranche's marketing and media director and also works a"real" full-time job. She and the 3 children recently moved to Merritt Island, Florida, where she grew up. I miss her everyday but know she and the kids are where God has called them. She is near her mom and extended family. These children are blessed beyond measure and are doing LIFE beyond the white picket fence together.

Next Week: Bellas sister, Victoria Hope Britt

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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