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Monday’s Childe

June 28 2019, was a very special day for our family personally. We had the privilege of adopting Ezequiel into our family. Zeke turned 13 and had adoption/rebirth on his birthday!! Zeke had been waiting for us, his forever family for almost 9 years. This sweetheart was born with cerebral palsy and seizures so bad, at 6 months they removed the whole left hemisphere of his brain. He doesn't let his medical condition define him. He doesn't know a stranger, is kind, sometimes very stubborn but that smile, OMG, it lights up a room. Our daughter, Christa, brought this sweet guy to our attention last year. She has watched him "grow up" on the website. God placed him heavy on her heart last October, called me saying, "Mom, Zeke needs us". This website posts the, "legally free" children who are available for adoption from the fostercare system in Colorado. The other site also places children in other states for adoption. Zeke had been on that site for several years, just waiting for a family. We honestly didn't know these sites existed until last year. Please take the opportunity to look at both sites, maybe God has a child waiting for you. We are incredibly blessed to introduce:

Ezequiel Joseph Nuss to our family

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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