Beyond the white picket fence

The Ultimate Gift

Part 2 of 3


You've accepted the ultimate gift and asked Jesus into your heart and life. So what now?

These 4 easy steps will help you know where to start and grow in personal relationship with God.


Start anywhere. Knowing Jesus means to know his words.

Isaiah 55:11 says My word will not return void. It will accomplish what I say.

This means...what He says, will happen. I usually tell people to start reading the gospel of John. This account shares who Jesus is; his origin, mission and function.

John writes a poetic true story of Jesus. One that easily outlines that Jesus is God, came to earth and died and rose again for us.

2. PRAY, talk with Jesus

That word prayer causes us to think; long winded, big words and be "overly spiritual ".

I propose using a childlike method. Jesus says, "Truly I say to you, unless you change and come to me like a little child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven", Matthew 18:33.

Now as you all know I have 9 children in my home. I have yet to hear a prayer from them that ranks with a Billy Graham sermon. They are short, precious and truthful. Kids cut to the chase and don't mince words. That's how we should pray and talk "with" Jesus. He He created us for goodness sake. So have a conversation and laugh "with" him. He will listen and talk with you.


Find a "Bible" and Jesus loving church, Bible study and friends

Now this step creates a lot of us to think, no way!, churches are hypocritical and judgmental. I know there are "Christians" who love to sit high and point down at "sinners". In the bible the pharisses were the religious police in Jesus day. They had so many man-made rules that no one could follow. Jesus came and died to put to death the notion that we can "work" to God. God came to us. Going to a Jesus loving meeting will allow growth in our personal relationship with Him. It's a tangible place to ask questions, fellowship and dispel misconceptions about following God.

4. MISSION, share your walk

This step may sound like "sell everything and move to a 3rd world country. Some maybe called to that but for most of us our mission field is right in our own community. The first step of an outward commitment is to be baptized... And no you don't have to be baptized to be saved. That is done with your words acknowledging you are a sinner and need a savior. Asking Jesus into your heart to live. Your mission is the outward walk with what Jesus has done for you; sharing Him with others. Remembering It's not by works we are saved but by grace( the ultimate gift Ephesians 2:8) Jesus sent us out as disciples of His good news, Matthew 28: 19-20. Be real with people, not forgetting Jesus wants a relationship not a religion with everyone. Just share how God has transformed your life. Make it easy and truthful, loving Jesus is for all!

Lastly it's not our job to convince or convict...that job belongs to the Holy Spirit. We just need to share and love others as Jesus did. That is what relationship is. Getting to know someone, meeting them where they are at and wanting to hang out with them.

Part 3...Want more?

What does it mean to be an intimate with God?

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