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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Paws and Ponder

As I sit by the Christmas tree in the wee hours of the morning doing my quiet time, (an app called first's free and gives God the first 15 minutes of your day) I sit pondering the year. As usual I'm surrounded by the loyal pups who live on the ranch. 2019 has been so incredibly good. God has been so incredibly faithful and true. This by no way means this year was all rainbows and lollipops. In fact the opposite has been true. We are real people with real children dealing with very difficult, sad and traumatic situations. Our lives are like everyone's, HARD!

But God!!....

And that statement changes everything. THESE 2 words turn these words: difficult, sad and traumatic into...

doable, not alone, and a hope for a future. That's the mission of Selah Mountain Ranch. We have seen so many lives touched by God's goodness this year...

With your help and monthly support we will be able to go into 2020 with renewed purpose and programs. Please take a few minutes to read the following letter and consider donating monthly to a real hands on mission...

To our dedicated supporters, Selah Mountain Ranch sends ours thanks to YOU. Because of you, children and youth can get the support they need to find restoration and healing. A young girl of 11 came to our door Thanksgiving week not wanting to stay with strangers but resigned to just get through it. She was supposed to stay a week. It has been four years since Kayla came into our lives and two years ago she was adopted. Broken when she first arrived, she had been in 10 foster homes and had begun to believe what her bio-family had told her: “You are no good. No one wants you. You will never amount to anything”. BUT GOD! She is thriving, funny, beautiful, and she WILL amount to something incredible. She is a main speaker at all Selah Mountain Ranch events, an advocate for foster care and adoption, as well as a volunteer at Selah Mountain Thrift Store. All this, at only 15 years old. Kayla and all the others in foster care are who Selah Mountain Ranch and Thrift Store exist for. In 2020, we have several new projects ready to launch, but we need your MONTHLY giving to accomplish our goals. One program specifically will help kids like the two below, a brother and sister left abandoned and alone… The phone rang at 2 am. Answering, I recognized our case worker’s voice. Two children were found asleep, huddled together, behind a liquor store and she asked if there was room at our home for them. “Yes, of course,” I responded. They arrived an hour later with nothing but the tattered clothing on their backs; cold, hungry, dirty and sleepy, left homeless and outside by their mother while she went drinking. With the new program called “Send a Hug”, these two would have arrived with a backpack of items needed to get through the first 48 hours— toiletries, underwear, pajamas, stuffed animal, clothing voucher or gift card with a note from the donor: “Sending a Hug”! We are asked all the time how to make a difference; this is it. Helping one child can change generations. It stops the cycle of neglect and abuse and gives a child a hope for a future. Please pray about giving to a real hands-on ministry. ALL amounts make a huge impact. For Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, we are asking for a one time dollar donation as well as your consideration in becoming a MONTHLY donor. Every MONTHLY giver receives: A quarterly newsletter, a thank you card made by the kids, access to our website and a thank you magnet. It’s as easy as going to > click on the donation button > Select an amount to donate. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Paypal. • $35.00 a month keeps us up and running at our current full-steam-ahead. • $55.00 a month allows us to “Send a Hug" backpack with essentials and special toy for first nights in care and a card signed by you, the donor. • $105.00 a month washes 5 loads of “Laundry of Love” laundry or feeds 20 hungry people at Koinonia Kitchen. This level will also allow us to upload more practical video classes for anyone to access for free. • $250.00 a month contributes to “Build a Barn" for the equine therapy. Each donor will get a horseshoe with their name to be placed in the barn in remembrance of the donor or a loved one. Selah Mountain Thrift Store, whose presence in Florence, Colorado has made a big impact in providing goods and services to this community. The store also serves as headquarters for our ministry. We are able to reach many through our website and online store. Coming soon are our trauma informed, life and parenting skills training live classes and online videos. Those who are unable to attend our live classes, but still need real life practical help every day, will be able to access it with our videos. After receiving our IRS 501c3 exemption letter in September 2018, we have: 1. Rented space and outfitted our Thrift Store for an April 2019 opening. 2. Sponsored 25 children to the first ever Vacation Bible School at The Wellspring church. 3. Sponsored 5 children to Art day Camp for a week. 4. Gave 50 kids Back to School clothes vouchers. Each child came to our Thrift Store and picked out two like-new outfits and a pair of shoes. 5. Sponsored fall festival games at the senior center with special prizes and candy for Fremont county children. 6. Started bi-monthly trauma therapy with our Director of Therapies, Dr. Dale Piper, for foster children in the Fremont County area. 7. Co-sponsored Koinonia Kitchen and Laundry of Love programs to provide free dinners including a full Thanksgiving dinner to anyone and 3 loads of laundry washed and dried. 8. Sponsoring two holiday trauma survival classes: “The Holidays Ain’t for Sissies”, taught by our Director of Programs, Christa Jordan. This class will be posted on our website. 9. Acquired donors to provide for over 100 children and their families who participate in “Safecare Colorado" in our Christmas Angel Tree Gifting Program. Since our opening, we have sought out ways to bring the world of foster care and adoption to light. Dale and I were honored this November as 1 of 5 foster/adoptive families chosen as Family of the Year for Colorado. We have taken our message of wanting to see restoration and healing of hurting children, youth and families everywhere we have spoken. We have also filmed several videos to support many foster care organizations. With 2020 just around the corner, we need your help to continue our mission. We are aware many of you are asked to give of time and money all year long. We know how hard it can be to decide where to send your hard earned dollars. We don’t take asking lightly. This ministry has felt the burden of the next generation. We could no longer sit back and just watch the downward spiral. Over 78% of incarcerated adults have spent time in foster care. Why? The cycle of abuse, neglect and addiction can’t be broken without proven interventions. The cycle won’t be broken until bio-parents get parenting and life skill classes. PTSD and trauma cause brain changes that hinder healing. Equine, trauma and practical life skills programs are restorative. We can’t stress this enough, please pray about giving to a real hands-on ministry. ALL amounts make a huge impact. For Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, we are asking for a one time monetary donation as well as your consideration in becoming a MONTHLY donor. Find us at: Facebook, Instagram and PayPal, > click on the donation button > Select an amount to donate. Thank you for your time and support! Sincerely, Selah Mountain Ranch

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