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Beyond The White Picket Fence

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

I've often said whenever I wrote a blog

the title would be, "Beyond the white picket fence". It's a saying I've used over the years to describe the way we want the world to see our lives; PERFECT...

manicured lawns, white picket fence, newly painted front door, a flower garden the english would die for and a front porch swing Andy Griffith would be jealous of.

Awww, perfection....on the outside....

All mass media genres would have you believe life is supposed to be just like this.

We have to be beautiful, popular, flawless, invited to all the parties, have the most money, be famous and have the most possible "followers". If you fail at any of these, well, you are a social media reject. Doomed to a blank screen, with only "Alexa" answering back, alone, bullied, a tweeting outcast deemed unloveable and unwanted.

The actual truth is...

walk beyond the white picket fence, open the freshly painted front door and Yikes, the inside is anything but perfect. In fact the inside is broken, flawed and cracked. It's scratched, beat up, abused, abandoned and neglected. Welcome to "real life". In a world of instagrams, posts and snapchats, we are left believing the lie of, " I, alone am messed up". The truth is we have all fallen short, only one step away of losing it all and falling through the worm hole, never to return.

So it begins, this new blog for Selah Mountain Ranch. To shed light on the worlds lies and bring Gods truth to the forefront. To speak truth into darkness and let be known, all have fallen short of Gods glory and need saving. To show the not so perfect parts of life. To talk about hard, real subjects that don't end up neatly wrapped with a bow. Not one of us has perfection, everyone lives....

Beyond the White Picket Fence.

Thank you,


Selah Mountain Ranch

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Beyond the white picket fence 

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3 comentários

Carol Distaso
Carol Distaso
01 de jul. de 2019

Looking forward to reading more


01 de jul. de 2019



Kimberly Nuss
Kimberly Nuss
30 de jun. de 2019

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