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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Welcome back!! After being away for several months we are gearing up to resume our blog line up. As you can see, we have redesigned the website to me more user friendly as well as easily update our readers on the newest projects Selah Mountain Ranch is involved. Look at January 1 2020 to begin our new blogs. The line up will include;

Paws and Ponder or Men of Courage

Mondays Childe

Trauma and other strategies for real life

DIY Wednesday

Thrifty Thursday

Journey to parenthood

Dear Mom....foster and adoption stories

Paws and Ponder

As I sit here by the Tree all lit up and Christmas music playing in the background surrounded by the 3 of the 7 dogs who call Selah Mountain Ranch home, all is peaceful and bright!! Right? Well not exactly, because beyond the beautiful setting are real people, dealing with real hurt and pain. Holidays ain’t for sissies. The happiest time of year is a very difficult time for so many of us. Loss, grief, unmet expectations, too hurried and so much more are the real emotions so many deal with. All the tinsel and the “magic” of Christmas is supposed to reality it’s full of grief, upset and regret. As a parent of 16, ages 4 to 35 you can just imagine what Christmas morning looks like at our house...but we are real people with children who have had to deal with the trauma and pain of not celebrating the merriest season with their “Bio” families. We who are now family, but “Not“ family are doing what we can to keep some sanity to this insane time of year. We are doing our best to make new memories for children who only hold sadness and uncertainly in their hearts. So here are some real suggestions to help curve the melt downs:

1. Go small or go home...turn down the nuttiness. Smaller amount of gifts, less stimulation, less parties, plan ahead for meltdowns..have an escape plan. If it doesn’t happen great!, but if it does you are prepared and ready. Just less!

2. Its okay to be sad...It’s okay if the child doesn’t want to particirate in all the holiday activity's. It’s okay as long as they are safe to hang out in their rooms. Just check on them and offer to come out for a bit but don’t force. 3. Talk about it. Don’t be afraid to have them share their true feelings about this time of year. Share your feelings too. Be real and understanding. Ask them their traditions, maybe they have some and if not...let them think of 1 or 2 things they would want to incorporate this time of year. Help them start a new one. This is when having a pawed friend real or stuffed to hug and hold is really helpful. Animals are so loving and caring. They don’t care if you are happy or sad...they are just content to “Be“ with you. Give your child room to be real...sadness hurts most when it’s felt alone. Be there and share it together.

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