Our Story

 Selah Mountain Ranch was founded by the Nuss Family in 2018. A therapeutic foster family who have fostered over 20 children and adopted, they saw first hand the need of at-risk foster youth in Colorado. Selah (which means to pause or rest) Mountain Ranch was founded when 110 acres of land in Fremont County were purchased to support animal therapies, art programs, 4H and other therapeutic programs. The Ranch is a support to local foster families and their children, foster youth aging out of the system and unaccompanied refugee minors. Selah Mountain Ranch was founded to give all at-risk foster youth a place for restoration and healing. 


Teens Need Families

Thousands of children will age out of the foster care system this year alone. These teens are sent out into the world with little more than the trauma they carry from their pasts. Teens who age out of foster care are more likely to become homeless, incarcerated, or experience young parenthood. Click the link below to see our KRDO “Absolutely Colorado” interview where we discuss this topic and how you can help.

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